Sunday, December 28, 2008

The End Of The 2008 Year

My business has gone well. I've taken time for myself, but have worked hard at getting better at my scheduling and also completing some projects of my own. I have about 5 quilts that need completion in the next week and expect to finish them to be returned after the New Year.

My hope is to be more active with this Blog since I've not completed my website. This will give me the opportunity to share some of the work that has been completed and to share some of the information needed for future customers to make their choices for their quilting needs.

The Bar Harbor Bank in Blue Hill, Maine, was nice enough to allow me to show many quilts again this fall and I unexpectedly sold three of my own, and two of small pieces that were borrowed from fellow longarm quilters. They share their walls with other artists during the whole year and that community spirit is very welcome.

And as long as I have enough connection speed, the photo image button works!

Happy New Year to you all.
Alison Miner


Carol E. said...

Hi, Alison! Nice to see you on Blogger. I love blogging. It's such a fun way to "meet" other people.

Jeanne said...

Welcome, Alison. Glad you decided to blog. I found you via Carol...

Anonymous said...

Love the color of the quilt in this post. How very pretty it is! I look forward to visiting again. I spent a fall working at Bar Harbor, Maine for the National Park Service. Didn't know there was a bank by the same name!

Heather (blog-less)


ooh! I want to see more! What a beauty of a quilt!!

Vicki said...

Love your quilt. I am a bright color person also.